Hello! My name is Liz, and I’m a Philadelphia-based photographer who specializes in lifestyle photography of newborns, children, and families.

When I’m not snapping photos, I can often be found mentoring kids or teaching writing workshops at Spells Writing Lab, a non-profit tutoring and writing center in North Philly where I’m the programming director.

My first career was as a children’s book editor at Simon & Schuster in NYC, and later launching the Running Press Kids imprint here in Philly. I still freelance as a book editor and author.

Why children’s photography? All of my career experiences have had two things in common—storytelling and children. I find it easy to relate to kids because I’ve always been around them, from the age of fourteen when my sister was born, to my current work as an unconventional educator. Kids always seem to recognize that I’m a kindred spirit and soon invite me to play with them during the shoot. I love getting them to relax around the camera so I can really capture their personalities. It’s a win-win!

Why lifestyle photography? What does that even mean? Lifestyle photography involves capturing your family in a more natural, relaxed way than traditional studio photography. We’ll agree upon a casual setting such as a park, playground, or your own home for the shoot. Instead of trying to wrangle your on-the-go toddler for formal poses, we’ll give your child the freedom to roam around and interact—with you, with me, with the world around him. For older children, we may use imaginative props and dress-up clothes so they feel less awkward. Most of all, we’ll try to make the session as fun and relaxing as possible, because I much prefer to get real smiles and see hints of your family’s real personalities by capturing them as they play with a favorite toy or give Mom an impromptu hug!

What about newborn sessions? During a newborn session, I take a combination of lifestyle photos and more formal portraits to fully capture your child’s emerging personality. We’ll go with the flow as I document the special moments of those early days and try for some semi-posed photos on my photo props when the time is right. While your baby sleeps peacefully, I’ll record that sweet half smile that quirks the corners of her cherub mouth as she dreams. I’ll take close ups of those tiny baby feet, those big blue eyes, and those long, curly lashes. And we’ll make sure there’s plenty of variety in his poses by using blankets, the bean bag, and baskets to accentuate natural sleeping or waking positions.

If my style sounds like something you’d like to experience, let’s chat!